The Moore Residence was originally constructed for a forward-thinking Family in 1950 by mid-century modernist Harold B Zook.  Unfortunately, the home was renovated and expanded in the 1990s, introducing clashing circular geometry and a palette of ill-fitting finishes and casework. Despite the disguise the property was wearing when it went on the market in 2017, savvy new owners Mandy and Taylor were able to envision the potential. They have consistently led the way with their commitment to restoring the home and their shared love of design.

Our work on this notable property included historic research and restoration, site planning, architectural and interior design. We have restored and protected the historic legacy of the home while introducing compatible concepts to the design parti.   

Through the 3,500 square foot renovation we’ve had the opportunity to explore the potential of some of our favorite mediums. We were able to exploit the properties of custom poured terrazzo by experimenting with the color and scale of the aggregate (the palladiano fireplace bench) and the placement of the brass inlay (through the introduction of pattern and distorted grids). Other areas of the home are shaped out of stone slabs selected for their color and movement or artisanal tile chosen for its intentional surface variation.  Click here for a peek behind the curtain at our design process - these are the design renderings followed by the before images. 

The interior millwork and finish carpentry is a study in quiet detailing. We frequently found ourselves asking “how can we do this with less moves, less materials?” Material intersections are flush where they can be.  Millwork and even wall fronts float off the floor wherever possible. 

We’ve taken a balanced approach to smart home technology. Lighting remains intimate and warm, not excessive. Programmable scenes automate and simplify the user’s experience. We’ve placed well-integrated infrastructure for sound and security site-wide.

Frequently, the site design and interior décor are approached in a second phase after the design of the home is complete.  In this case the architect, landscape architect and interior designer worked simultaneously with heightened overlap and communication, pushing the design forward together.  The end result has benefitted greatly from this approach.

We collaborated with Sarah Sherman Samuel on the design of the interiors.  Sarah selected the interior furnishings and décor as we refined the interior millwork, finishes and fixtures together, resulting in a dynamic and cohesive whole.  From day one we could see we shared a common vision for the home. Our work, guided by an appreciation for Zook’s original architecture, combines a thoughtful mix of old and new to create forward thinking spaces that respect their mid-century origins. 

Progressive landscape architects, TerreMoto brought rigor and drama to the exterior environment. They gave the property the well-composed entry sequence it deserves, and an inspired view from every vantage point thereafter. We programmed the site together, capitalizing on all possible indoor: outdoor connections, and collaborated on a pool-side entertaining pergola including an outdoor kitchen and dining area overlooking the pool and mountain views beyond.  Their built-in site features and planting aesthetic were our inspiration as we selected the home's exterior furnishings.  


We’ve been fortunate to have two very detail-oriented general contractors, known for their artistry, on our team.  Bronstruction was the GC on the main structure.  They expertly executed our renovation scope.  They also carefully restored the original Zook elements of the property (their second time bringing his work back to life).  Johnston Vidal Projects led the landscape and site work, including several beautifully executed outdoor installations, and a rebuilt pool and spa. Together, with this skilled team of designers and builders, we’ve refreshed and rehabilitated the entire property. 

Photography by Stephen Schauer